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New Grizzly Bear Song Radio Premiere

While You Wait For The Others



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The Breeders-Mountain Battles has leaked

I’ve listened to the album twice  and I’m not sure what to make of it. It seems alot quirkier then their other albums and it might just be a grower. There is one song where Kim sings in spanish which is defently a highlight for me cause it’s so unusual for The Breeders and the album mix of the single- Were Gonna Rise is very nice. Eather way if you’re a fan of Kim Deal and you can’t wait for the album to be released you can seek it out on torrent sites. Feel free to comment on what you think of the album. For tour dates check out

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New Black Francis Song Is Out

A few days I ago I reported that Black Francis recorded a song on the road. The good folks over at Blackolero has put the song on their blog check it out-   Hit the green arrow to start the song.

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Explaining The Success Of Sh**** Bands (comic)

I came across this comic on Digg and found it to be funny but only half true. The comic doesn’t adress the fact that kids actually like crap like Nickelback .

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New Tapes ‘n Tapes Song!

Tapes ‘n Tapes released a new song from the upcoming Walk It Off which is out April 8. The song is called hang them all and sounds cool. You can get the song from this link and there is a presale for the tour over at

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Radiohead Announcing North American Tour (Randomly)

Radiohead are adding some new shows to their North American Tour every day on their website over at -           

I hope they add the New York show soon because I’m anxious to get my tickets. As of now there are a few shows that will be going on sale on February 14.

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Catching Up On Black Francis

“I’ve stopped doing encores at my official shows, and replaced them with ‘precores’ in unusual locations, which I ask fans to come up with”-Black Francis

The video posted on top is of Black Francis being escorted by the police at a show in Dublin because 1,000 people showed up at his pre-core show which he set up to play at a park that was closed(Black Francis didn’t know this at the time). He did get to play some songs before being forced to end the show though. In the end the police just told him not do it again. I originally posted that Black Francis played some more songs down the street but as posted below that is not true. I found some excellent pictures from the frankblack forum of the actual show that night that were taken by Fionamorgan  . Check them out at

The drummer Jason Carter who plays on Bluefinger and Svn Fngrs and who is currently on the tour with Black Francis has a cool blog tracking the whole tour over at

In other news related to the new LP Svn Fngrs which is being released in a month you can check out two new songs from the album on Black Francis’ myspace at The two songs posted are Seven Fingers and When They Come To Murder Me and rank right up there with Black Francis’ best songs

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