New (animal collective members) Avey Tare and Deakin project

January 27, 2008 at 6:47 pm 1 comment

 This is a post from Deakin off the animal collective forum about the project and show.

hey guys,

what was played last night was a project that dave and kristin and i started working on about one week ago. we were all playing all the way through. it basically moved in four parts (roughly 8 minutes each). the first was said sound part. i was doing a lot of sampler stuff and dave was manipulating some stuff on his side, while kristin was playing with her effects and mic on her accordian. the second section was more songy. dave and i were both playing guitar while kristin played accordian and dave sang. the fourth part was a longer droney section in which i put down the guitar and was using a sampler again while dave continued to jam the guitar and sing and kristin kept on pumping the accordian. the fourth upbeat section was dave playing guitar and singing, kristin still rocking the accordian and i was playing along melodically with my sampler. throughout the entire set was lot of prerecorded, pre-sequenced material that dave and i made and i manipulated throughout. on visuals was our firend danny perez. the footage is stuff that we have been working on together for awhile. i was unaware that there were any problems with kristin’s accordian sound wise. it blends really well with what is going on otherwise, so i wouldn’t be surprised if it seemed like she wasn’t playing. she was though.

we had a lot of fun last night and were really stoked to be part of that night. it felt really special to me. i thought guest species (get your voice back jim!) and rings were great and the vibes all around were really sweet.

in case no one is aware, RIngs are playing again tonight at Lit (93 2nd ave) with a an undetermined but exciting sounding lineup which may include mick barr (aka/orthrelm, aka/ocrilim, aka/octis) who is one of my favorite people/things to see live. spencer from the skaters might be playing in some form. guest species (voice permitting) may play another set. and natalie rose lebrecht too, maybe. anyway… it should be a killer night and if i wasn’t leaving for philly today i would be there.

p.s. i am looking for a good recording of this show to link up with some footage we shot of it. if anyone comes up with a particularly good boot let me know. thanks to everyone who made.

be well,

In case you want an mp3 of the show you can get it here -


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  • 1. Michael  |  April 14, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when your trying to be so quiet. We standing here alone but were all soing are best to deny it.
    Then Louise holds a hand full of rain tempting you to defy it.
    Lights flicker from the opposite loft, in here the heat pipes just couph, the country music statiom plays soft but theres nothing really to turn off.

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