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Arcade Fire-Black Mirror Music Video Thing

In case any Arcade Fire fans missed this, check this out. It’s a video for Black Mirror but you can mess with the audio mix and it’s alot of fun. It’s kind of creepy if you take out the drums or watch it as a silent film. 

Here’s the link 


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New (animal collective members) Avey Tare and Deakin project

 This is a post from Deakin off the animal collective forum about the project and show.

hey guys,

what was played last night was a project that dave and kristin and i started working on about one week ago. we were all playing all the way through. it basically moved in four parts (roughly 8 minutes each). the first was said sound part. i was doing a lot of sampler stuff and dave was manipulating some stuff on his side, while kristin was playing with her effects and mic on her accordian. the second section was more songy. (more…)

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Tapes ‘n Tapes New Album Press Release!

so it’s time to finally let the cat out of the bag and let you know all about our new album. drum roll, please….oh, what…the drum head’s broken…well that’s a real buzz kill…i guess we’ll be moving on.

our new record will be coming out on april 8th and it’s called “walk it off”. (more…)

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Black Francis-Svn Fngrs New mini LP release info

Cooking Vinyl has agreed to release my latest session (thank you CV!), which I have called SVN FNGRS, on 3rd March 2008. It was written, recorded and mixed in six days, and on the seventh day Mark Lemhouse did artwork. The band for the session was myself, of course, on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Jason Carter on drums, and Violet Clark on bass. The session was produced Jason Carter. There are seven (7) songs clocking in at 20 minutes and so I suppose it qualifies as a mini-LP under the old formats. No one seems to know or care what the current format models are (a very weakened LP on compact disc continues to rule the roost by default), which is WONDERFUL; so let’s just call it music and pay whatever price your Google research turns up.If you want it for free you can usually find some tracks for free download on my Myspace page or on my own The production is sparse in terms of the band, which, by the way, seems to be a kind of (more…)

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